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“To honor and serve God first; to make the world a better place, by operating on principles of integrity, discipline, excellence and a solid foundation of dedication and experience”

GURU REALTORS offers a variety of real estate services including commercial and residential buying, selling, investment properties as well as resources for the first time home buyer.

STL Real Estate Guru is an LICENSED BROKER with 10 years of real estate experience. Starting in the business as an investor, she knows the importance of finding an professional, knowledgeable, investor friendly agent that will work to exceed client expectations. GURU REALTORS founded by STL Real Estate GURU is an Expert in Results!

STL REAL ESTATE GURU has a unique blend of expertise, innovation, and efficiency in acquisition, investment, asset management, property management, leasing, buying & selling!

GURU REALTORS are motivated and personable business professionals with an Real Estate Salespersons License. We are Real Estate Professionals accustomed to problem solving and handling sensitive, confidential documents as well as a demonstrated history of producing revenue through marketing and sales. We thrives in deadline-driven environments, by being enthusiastic, poised and competent with demonstrated ability to easily transcend cultural differences. GURU REALTORS have an incredible work ethic, we are expert real estate advisors that specialize in Results!!!

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